Your yesterday doesn’t define your tomorrow. True Purpose envisions a community full of diverse people who link arms and employ their unique personal and professional experiences to drive local development and effect change within their communities. 

Community Initiatives

Affordable Housing Development

Business Coaching

Did you know that Omaha's existing affordable housing production system does not produce enough units each year to meet the need? 

If the region continues to add 300 new units each year (the average for the past 10 years) the gap between qualifying households and available units will grow from 80,000 to 100,000 by 2040.

True Purpose is committed to the development of housing communities throughout the Midwest.

Housing Development

  1. Develop and support the development of affordable housing initiatives in communities throughout the Midwest.

  • Phase 1: Build 50 row houses with 3-4 bedrooms and attached garages at 25th and Center ($40,000,000).
  • Phase 2: Build 120 apartments (56 studio units, 52 units with 1 bedroom, and 12 units with 2 bedrooms) with attached commercial space at 18th and Howard by 2026. 
Our Plan

Donate to the Housing Fund

Support sustainable development of affordable housing by training and equipping new developers who recognize the need for affordable housing. 

Current Housing Development Projects

At True Purpose, we believe that a growing, thriving community is only as strong as its leaders. We create sustainable life transformation by connecting small business owners in our community with training and resources they need to launch, fund, and grow a sustainable 10-year business.

The result? 
Thriving businesses. Thriving families. Thriving communities.

Business Coaching

  1. Development sessions taught by local business professionals
  2. A small group community of like-minded practitioners
  3. Operations coaching
  4. Character development
  5. 1:1 Mentorship
  6. Accountability

Our business coaching program includes . . .
Learn more about our class for small business owners here.

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