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Founded in 2021, True Purpose is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Omaha, Nebraska. We believe that the end of generational poverty is on the other side of affordable living today and a living wage tomorrow.

True Purpose is leveling the life playing field for people of every age, upbringing, and color by building affordable housing developments and coaching diverse aspiring entrepreneurs. Together, these initiatives work hand-in-hand, empowering men and women ripe to uncover a fresh life perspective, surround themselves with a supportive community, and pursue genuine purpose.

We have a purposeful mission.


Who We Are

True Purpose exists to empower and equip people of every age, upbringing, and color to cultivate a sustainable, upward, and purposeful life trajectory. 
Our Mission
Our vision is for diverse people who link arms and employ their unique personal and professional experiences to drive local development and effect change within their communities.
Our Vision

We're committed to . . .

We lean into genuine connection with our community and choose to embrace those who view the world differently than we do.


We believe in the dignity and value of all people and believe no one’s basic human needs should go unmet. We believe that every person deserves a seat at the table and that sustainable life transformation is brought about through individual and collective grit.


We remain focused on developing new resources that guide people toward purpose.

Everything we do is deeply rooted in empathy, care, and connection.

The Origin of True Purpose

After struggling to find a purposeful life in Kansas City, Tyrece and Tashiara Wilson moved their family to Omaha in 2015 in pursuit of a fresh start. Three decades of life in the inner-city crowd had left them hungry, confused, and seeking, and they felt pulled toward a new purpose for themselves and their family.

Two years later, the Wilsons opened their home to three homeless individuals. As Tye and Tashiara watched their own past patterns of temporary escape and ongoing pain play out, they reflected upon homelessness from a fresh perspective and recognized that the key to sustainable life transformation lies in one’s ability to focus on their well-being. They also recognized the necessity of satisfying basic practical needs, such as food and shelter, before one can devote energy to physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

The Wilsons' vision is for a community overflowing with opportunities for all people to reach their full potential and pursue the work they are called to do. Through True Purpose, they devote their lives to empowering an entire community one individual at a time.

Tyrece & Tashiara Wilson, Founders

Inside of a collaborative and renewal-centered environment, True Purpose offers men and women a “reset” by meeting their basic needs and allowing them to redirect energy toward healing, overcoming, and conceiving a vision for the future. 

We believe that sustainable life transformation is brought about in community.

We meet people in different seasons of life and extend an invitation for something greater, knowing that individual transformation is the foundation for community growth and empowerment. 

We believe that community empowerment begins with one. 


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