Your today doesn’t have to determine your tomorrow. Our team members and community partners are committed to walking with individuals and families in pursuit of purposeful, sustainable lives.

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The Origin of True Purpose

After struggling to find a purposeful life in Kansas City, Tyrece and Tashiara Wilson moved their family to Omaha in 2015 in pursuit of a fresh start. Three decades of life in the inner-city crowd had left them hungry, confused, and seeking, and they felt pulled toward a new purpose for themselves and their family.

Two years later, the Wilsons opened their home to three homeless individuals. As Tye and Tashiara watched their own past patterns of temporary escape and ongoing pain play out, they reflected upon homelessness from a fresh perspective and recognized that the key to sustainable life transformation lies in one’s ability to focus on their well-being. They also recognized the necessity of satisfying basic practical needs, such as food and shelter, before one can devote energy to physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

The Wilsons' vision is for a community overflowing with opportunities for all people to reach their full potential and pursue the work they are called to do. Through True Purpose, they devote their lives to empowering an entire community one individual at a time.

Tyrece & Tashiara Wilson, Founders

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